Natural Floral Bind Wire Wrap Twine, Paper Covered Waterproof Rustic Vine for Flower Bouquets 26 Gauge (673 Ft) by Royal Imports

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Brand: Royal Imports

Color: Natural


  • QUALITY: Each roll of Royal Imports binding wire is made of high quality metal wire and wrapped in strong paper fiber to provide a durable yet easy to use bind wire for your floral and craft projects. The color is a natural beige which will camouflage very well with natural stems.
  • FLEXIBLE: This wire, although very strong, is extremely flexible so it can easily be wrapped around even the most complicated shaped stems. It is easy to cut which makes it a breeze to use while arranging floral bouquets.
  • BEST SELLER: Royal Imports floral bind wire is completely waterproof which makes it great to use with water-soaked stems or other floral arrangement needs. The paper coating will not come off from water or unravel at the ends while working with it. These attributes make it a best-seller in the floral wire category.
  • USES: Bind wire is commonly used for stem wrapping, artificial flowers, and floral bouquets. You can use it to attach flower arrangements to your desired surface. With the Royal Imports bind wire, it is guaranteed to stay in place. It can also be used for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, crafting and DIY projects.
  • DIMENSIONS: Each roll of floral wire contains 673 Feet of high quality 26 gauge paper coated bind wire. You will receive a pack of 1 roll – each roll individually packed and sealed.

Binding: Office Product

Details: This natural green paper wrapped bind wire by Royal Imports is made of high quality metal wire and is covered in strong waterproof paper fibers which makes it extremely durable for all of your floral needs. Unlike most floral wires, Royal Imports paper wrapped bind wire does not unravel at the edges. The wire is totally waterproof and even when submerged in water the color won’t run, and the paper coating wont disintegrate. Hence, this has become the most popular bind wire for floral arrangements and craft project that involve water. Royal Imports bind wire is easy to use because it can be cut to any desired length. It is commonly used for stem-wrapping, gift wrapping or scrapbooking. You will receive 1 spool of strong yet flexible 26 gauge floral bind wire. Each roll is individually wrapped for ultimate protection. Royal Imports brings the highest quality adhesive tape and floral supplies to the floral and craft industry. Each roll of bind wire is crafted to perfection thus creating a flawless product. Uses: floral arrangements craft projects gift wrap Stem Wrap bridal bouquetsPopular with: event planners florists gift shops scrapbookingOverall Dimensions Gauge 26 Length: 673 Feet

Package Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.3 x 3.2 inches